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Sam M
August 22014

Picking up trash on the West Bend Trail along Skyliners Road between Mt. Washington & Lemhi Pass.

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Tom and Angelina B
August 52016

Anti-Litter Bugs helping keep Northwest Crossing beautiful.

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Claire S
September 112014

A whole area of streets around NW Silas Place – Now Litter-Free.

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Mary M
June 302014

The head Anti-Litter bug cleaning the Cascades Highland Trail from Mt. Washington and Clearwater to Overturf Butte.

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Ed and Lynn F
August 292014

Picking up litter on Mt. Washington Parkway at NW Toussaint.

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See if you can spot our Anti-Litter Rovers. They can be seen all around town.

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Rick and Maggie H.
September 82014

Picking up litter on Toussaint between John Fremont and Mt. Washington.

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Susan D
September 112014

Litter-Free on Skyliner Drive and York Street crossroad.

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Brian Y
August 272014

Morningstar Drive between Boyd Acres Road and Majestic Loop

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Christi H
August 222014

Keeping Mt. Washington between Clearwater and Toussaint Litter-Free

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